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  • Solar panels generate electricity that can be converted into effective power for use by your appliances and systems around the home.  This can dramatically reduce the amount of energy you have to purchase from your utility company especially on a HOT sunny day here in Arizona when the AC units are cooling your home in the middle of the day.  Additionally, when your AC system, clothes dryer, pool pump and water heater are all OFF you may generate more power than you need for self consumption, and in Arizona that extra energy can be exported and sold back to the utility for  your neighbors immediate consumption.  That's a good deal for you and not so much for them.  The issue you need to resolve now is just which side of the coin do you want to be on?  Giving the Extra and Getting the credits, or Getting the Extra and Paying the Rates for the extra power someone else is putting back on your neighborhood grid?   In many cases, Homeowners' utility bills have dropped to $zero for 8 months out of the year and have been nominal or minimal for the heavy use months in the summer.

    With the recent renewal of the 30% Federal Tax Credit NOW is a great time for homeowners to go solar.  Net Metering helps homeowners pass the excess electricity they generate back to the grid so power generation requirements are reduced, emissions are reduced and dependence on foreign sources of petroleum based energy are reduced.  The key word is reduction and we also help homeowners reduce their energy requirements on top of producing solar energy.  Contact us now get on the path to energy use reduction and solar production.  

    Outright purchasing of solar energy systems provides best return on investment but not everyone has that option or resources.  Systems can pay for themselves in about 4–7 years, but the more important  thing to consider is the higher cost of doing nothing.  Most people we work with now say that they wish they had done something about energy reduction and solar production years ago.  Do your part to help yourself by moving forward with a plan that includes generating as much of your own energy as is practical for your own situation, but  also consider doing your part to "reduce your use" in easy painless ways that create a cleaner ecological future by reducing environmental impacts as well as kicking the habit of national dependency on foreign oil.  If you can add an electric vehicle into your plan the prospects get even more appealing, to which we can help understand that path and process as well.

    The cost of electricity for homeowners has gone up significantly since 1985, with an almost 40% increase in the last decade alone.  That trend shows that consumers who remain entirely grid-dependent will pay more in utilities in the next decade than they would care to estimate or at least admit.  In contrast, going solar will keep on saving money on your energy bill going forward, while your neighbor next door effectively buys your excess electricity at ever increasing rates that are subject to change in an upward direction.

  • What Makes Us Different

    Your home deserves the best, so don’t settle for a cookie cutter solution at a higher cost from a corporate entity that will “bail out” as soon as political regulatory issues stifle sales campaigns in your service area. Our approach is always based on best value balance and that gives our clients the best quality, longest lasting, highest performing systems available today, with a comfort-value proposition that will be appreciated by your family for years to come.

    Our team is globally aware and locally motivated to provide better comfort solutions in our southwest desert environment. Our in-house engineering staff is NABCEP certified and we have working relationships with municipalities and utility companies across the state. We can provide expedited or next day design services to get drawings done fast. We also process permits and utility applications to get energy saving systems working for you sooner than later.